ESS Discusses Benefits of ARPA-E’s Technical Guidance

Mar 1, 2017

In this video, ESS, an ARPA-E awardee, discusses how the ARPA-E staff supported the development of their project through technical guidance (e.g. helping to identify and address technical challenges), milestone setting, regular onsite visits, and other means.

The video capture ESS’ thoughts about how the ARPA-E model, including steps like setting, tracking and modifying milestones and regular onsite visits, helped their project develop and stay on track for success.

CEO, Craig Evans, also discuss how their relationship with ARPA-E staff and the ARPA-E model affected the evolution of their technology.

ESS is developing a cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly all-iron hybrid flow battery. A flow battery is an easily rechargeable system that stores its electrolyte material that provides energy as liquid in external tanks. Currently, flow batteries account for less than 1% of the grid-scale energy storage market because of their high system costs. The ESS flow battery technology is distinguished by its cost-effective electrolytes, based on earth-abundant iron, and its innovative battery hardware design that dramatically increases power density and enables a smaller and less costly battery. Creating a high-performing and low-cost storage system would enable broad adoption of distributed energy storage systems and help bring more renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar onto the grid.