Energy warehouse co-located at solar site

Utility Scale

As the energy grid increasingly relies upon low-cost, intermittent wind and solar energy, long-duration energy storage resources will become critical to delivering power when variable generation wanes, while also being flexible enough to deliver ancillary services and ensure grid stability. ESS iron flow batteries meet all of these needs with safe and nontoxic technology that is easier to site and permit than the competition.

Utility-scale transmission lines at sunset

Commercial & Industrial (C&I)

Industry analysts forecast rapid growth in energy storage deployments at commercial and industrial sites. With ESS long-duration energy storage, organizations can control monthly energy costs by managing demand charges and time-based rates while ensuring energy security and maximizing value from renewable generation investments.

Office park aerial view

Microgrids, DERMS & VPPs

Managing distributed energy resources to maximize resiliency and revenue is a must. Remote microgrids, university and campus applications or utilities balancing DERs all present ideal use cases for ESS technology.

University microgrid