Energy warehouse co-located at solar site

Utility Scale

Renewable energy deployment is increasing exponentially, with installation records set each year and now surpassing other forms of new generation coming online. In the long run, grid-scale energy storage will need the capabilities of long-duration resources that can pick up the load for hours when variable generation wanes, yet be flexible enough to support fast-changing grid needs. That’s the capability ESS iron flow battery technology delivers.

Utility-scale transmission lines at sunset

Commercial & Industrial (C&I)

Industry analysts continue to forecast rapid growth in energy storage deployments at the commercial and industrial level. With ESS long-duration energy storage, organizations can better control their monthly energy costs by managing demand charges and time-based rates while ensuring energy security and maximizing value from renewable generation investments.

Office park aerial view

Microgrids, DERMS & VPPs

Managing distributed energy resources is no longer a wish-list item. It’s a must. Whether you’re a microgrid operator energizing a remote location, a university backing up renewables based microgrid-based to keep a campus energized or a utility using software solutions to accommodate DERs while maintaining system reliability, there is an ESS battery system that can meet your needs.

University microgrid