ESS Energy Center™

Scalable MWh or GWh energy storage for utility, IPP and commercial customers

Ess factory floor

The Energy Center delivers

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Unlimited and frequent cycling with no degradation

Flexible, modular design created for utility-scale applications

25-year operating design life

With the Energy Center, you’re getting a commercially ready system using ESS battery technology backed by Munich RE. The Energy Center supports a wide range of applications:

  • Time-shifting renewable energy use
  • Providing ancillary grid services
  • Smoothing the intermittency of renewables
  • Supporting capacity needs and more

Beyond six hours

ESS has worked closely with leading engineering firms to deliver a design-build approach that enables systems to be tailored to any project size with a configurable range of power and energy capacities starting at durations beyond six hours. The Energy Center can also be upgraded by adding electrolyte to increase energy capacity and discharge duration, maximizing project flexibility and delivering the lowest operational costs to owners.

Easy to site, install and operate: The Energy Center’s environmentally benign chemistry – comprised of iron, salt and water – make this solution one of the easiest to deploy and maintain.

  • No toxic materials facilitates permitting.
  • No risk of thermal runaway delivers safe, reliable operation.
  • Standard components enable service and repair.
  • Safe operations and low O&M cost.

Flexible, configurable and upgradable: Energy systems and markets are evolving rapidly. The ESS Energy Center is designed with flexibility in mind to adjust to changing needs over the 25-year operating design life.

Power (rate of electricity flow) and capacity (total amount of energy stored) operate independently, providing the flexibility to serve multiple use cases simultaneously. When it’s time to upgrade, simply add electrolyte to increase energy capacity and discharge duration.

Supports environmental, social, governance (ESG) goals: ESS technology is safe and sustainable with the lowest lifecycle carbon footprint of any storage technology available today and enabling the use of clean, renewable energy 24/7.