ESS Energy Center™

Utility-scale long-duration energy storage:
Now is the time, ESS Inc is the way

ESS Energy Center: The simple solution

The ESS Energy Center is a “battery-in-a-building” platform that uses our second generation power module to deliver capacities starting at 3 MW and storage durations ranging up to 12 hours.

With the Energy Center, you get

Unlimited and frequent cycling with no degradation

Footprint: 1 acre supports up
to 6 MW and 90 MWh

25-year system life

Easy to site, install and operate

The Energy Center’s environmentally benign chemistry – comprised of iron, salt and water – make this solution one of the easiest to deploy and maintain.

No toxic materials = no siting hassles or hazmat planning

No fire risk or need for fire suppression or secondary containment

Standard components; no special plumbing or equipment

Safe for operators; minimal maintenance requirements

Low O&M cost

ESS also offers a turnkey, design-build construction process that gives your utility a single point of contact and fast project delivery.

Flexible, configurable and upgradable

The use cases you’re targeting with energy storage today will likely change over the 25-year life of the ESS Energy Center. That’s why this solution is designed to adjust to your evolving needs.

Power (rate of electricity flow) and capacity (total amount of energy held) operate independently, providing the flexibility to use the battery for multiple uses simultaneously. And, when it’s time to upgrade, simply add electrolyte to increase energy capacity and discharge duration.

Meets environmental, social, governance (ESG) targets

Research shows that iron flow batteries produce less environmental harm than batteries using zinc, vanadium or lithium-ion.

The Energy Center

Uses earth-abundant, non-hazardous chemicals
Uses the same electrolyte on both sides of the redox equation, reducing contamination and degradation while increasing efficiency

Is easily recyclable at end of life