The ESS Energy Center

Utility-scale energy storage designed and sized to your project’s energy requirements

ESS Inc.’s iron flow battery technology is a safe (no hazardous chemicals) and sustainable (fully recyclable) storage solution that is ideally suited for time-shifting renewable energy, providing ancillary grid services with unlimited cycling, and smoothing the intermittency of renewables on a constrained grid. The Energy Center™ (EC) is based on the same second-generation power module used in successful Energy Warehouse™ (EW) “containerized” solution for behind-the-meter applications. A dramatic shift is occurring in the market that favors the pairing of larger batteries and longer duration batteries that enable flexible capacity not constrained by cycle life to integrate evolving use cases.

We have worked with closely with leading engineering firms to deliver a design-build approach that enables systems to be tailored to meet virtually any project size with a configurable range of power capacities starting at 3MW and energy durations ranging from 6 to 16 hours. These wide ranging capabilities make the EC suitable to support large-scale renewable energy projects, as well as transmission and distribution-level services, without cycling limits.

  • Engineered “Battery in a Building” for utility scale applications
  • Up to 16 hour discharge at rated power
  • Customizable to meet power and energy requirements
  • Zero degradation and unlimited cycling
  • 96%+ plant availability over a 25 year operating life
  • Warranty backed by Munich RE insurance