Sustainable long-duration energy storage – North American Clean Energy

September 5, 2016

This post was originally published in North American Clean Energy September – October issue.

The value of long-duration (>6 hours) energy storage is increasingly recognized by regulators, utilities, and thought leaders for its flexibility in addressing multiple energy storage (power and energy) applications with a single energy storage asset.

Utilizing earth-abundant iron, salt, and water for its electrolyte, and simple materials for battery components, make the Iron Flow Battery (IFB) from ESS Inc, a durable, environmentally safe, long-duration storage solution that is suited for time-shifting renewable energy on a daily basis, managing a facility’s demand or TOU charges, and smoothing the intermittency of renewables on a constrained grid.

The ESS team has developed this all-iron electrochemistry allowing the IFB to operate at high efficiency over an unlimited number of deep charge and discharge cycles, with absolutely no degradation or capacity fade over a 25 plus year operating life with minimal operations and maintenance (O&M).

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