Energy Storage That's Safe

Accelerates renewables icon

Accelerates Renewables

Long-duration storage is critical to grow renewable energy above 25% grid utilization. ESS solutions, available now, enable increased renewables penetration.

Stabilizes the grid icon

Stabilizes the Grid

Flexible capacity enables the time shifting of intermittent renewables from supply peaks to demand peaks, balancing load and transforming the grid.

Enables distributed generation icon

Enables Distributed Generation

Distributed generation using microgrids and VPPs is fundamental to a cleaner, safer, and more resilient grid. Long-duration storage deployed globally enables this.

Iron Flow Batteries

The Right Technology at the Right Time

Lowest Cost (LCOS)

By combining easy-to-scale technology with low-cost chemistry, ESS delivers the lowest cost across 4-12 hours of storage.

Optimal Performance

Fast response time, unlimited cycle life and no capacity degradation over a 25-year operating life delivers operational flexibility.

Environmentally Sustainable

ESS batteries are safe, water-based, non-hazardous, and fully recyclable. Use of abundant resources ensures sustainable production too.

We stand firmly behind ESS Inc.’s iron flow battery technology as a commercially ready solution for long-duration energy storage at commercial and utility scale. Our goal in providing a comprehensive policy is to enable ESS Inc. to expand deployment of its environmentally sustainable energy storage solution at scale globally.

Michael Schrempp
Global Head of Green Tech, Munich RE

As we are seeing market requirements for utility-scale energy storage moving from traditional 2-to-4-hour lithium-ion-based capability to longer 8-1o-12-hour durations that emphasize flexibility and long life, it is clear that proven and practical flow batteries offer key design and cost advantages over lithium.

Mark Burton
Senior Engineer for Energy Storage, Enertis Solar

A rapid and dramatic shift is occurring that favors pairing larger-scale battery installations with renewables. These projects are finding improved overal customer value from longer duration, daily cycling and the flexibility to adapt to evolving use cases that are not constrained by cycle life. We are excited about the economics, operating life and design flexibility that the ESS Energy Center solution offers.

David Brown
Senior Principal and Co-founder, Obsidian Renewables