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Energy warehouse installedChances are, your energy bills are much higher than they should be, but there’s a simple way to fix that: Add energy storage to your resource mix.

The clean, sustainable storage solutions from ESS will enable you to:

Manage demand charges: Demand charges can make up as much as half a C&I electricity customer’s energy bill. Slash those charges by tapping an ESS Energy Warehouse or Energy Center during peaks, when demand charges are highest.

Leverage time-of-use (TOU) rates: If your power provider offers time-based rates, you could save plenty by charging the Energy Center or Energy Warehouse off-peak when rates are low and discharging the battery when rates rise.

Maximize solar investments: Don’t let your unused solar power get exported to the grid. Save that power for when solar generation dies down and avoid paying retail rates for your site’s consumption.

Enhance your energy security: Long duration storage could keep your organization running even when lights go out all over your neighborhood. ESS solutions deliver as much as 12 hours of capacity.

Gain revenue with market opportunities: Depending on where your organization operates, you may be able to use your storage assets to participate in energy markets that shore up the frequency, voltage and reliability of the grid.

Support corporate ESG targets and build your brand: Environment, social and governance achievements can enhance your brand and support your business. When it comes to long-duration storage solutions, ESS has the cleanest, most sustainable chemistry around. Our batteries are made with earth-abundant materials – iron, water and salt. Compared to batteries made with zinc, vanadium or lithium-ion chemistry, iron flow batteries produce less environmental harm.

Energy Storage Use Cases

Behind-the-meter renewable energy time shifting

Demand charge management

Time-of-use tariff arbitrage

Energy security

Utility ancillary services (where allowed)


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Case Studies

Use Case Example

Demand charge reduction

For C&I customers, energy storage can be utilized in response to peak electricity needs. By discharging stored energy at the “high water mark” of usage, energy storage effectively reduces an organization’s demand charges.