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January 31, 2017

This post was originally published on Solar World, January 31, 2017 by Kathie Zipp.

Ess makes globalcleantech 100 listCleantech 100 for the eighth year
For the eighth year running, Cleantech Group (CTG) is proud to present the annually-refreshed Global Cleantech 100 list, our barometer reading of the global innovation community’s shifting views on which companies, and which types of companies, are most likely to have big commercial impact in a 5-10 year timeframe. The companies represent the most innovative and promising ideas in cleantech and that are best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges.

From the Cleantech Group’s website:
The final 100 would not be one person’s 100; there is much disagreement and conflicting opinion on what and who is working. The final 100 is therefore, by its very nature, a compromise, the median of all those opinions, delivered to us directly as part of our annual research exercise. We pull together thousands of data-points, objective and subjective, quantitative and qualitative, from all over the world, with the end objective of identifying where the consensus of sentiment and opinion seems to lie amongst the international cleantech community.

We therefore do not definitively state any year’s 100 to be the best or top companies in the world, as that would need a common measure or metric. They do, however, stand for where “consensus sentiment” lies both in terms of which companies active in sustainable innovation are in favor and are more commonly admired, and perhaps even more importantly for what kind of sub-sectoral areas and themes are in vogue.

What is most exciting to us, is the privilege of seeing and reading these viewpoints and interpreting them as part of our annual barometric read of the shifting sands within global sustainable innovation. Yes, there are 101st companies, unlucky not be on the list, and individual disappointments that go with that. However, this program is more focused on what this year’s list tells us, relative to previous years, about this innovation and investment theme and where it is all going. We hope you find our list and accompanying report thought-provoking and our read of the state of the market useful to you in planning the coming months.

ESS to ship IFB units to UC San Diego and RE test facility in Lubbock, Texas
The ESS team is building a 400-kWh IFB system destined for UC San Diego (UCSD) where it will be installed in a microgrid test facility. Sempra will be monitoring the performance of the IFB at this site.

A second system is destined for a renewable energy test facility in Lubbock, Texas where DNV-GL will perform third party testing on the IFB as it shifts wind power daily.

Learn more in whitepaper on the emerging market for flexible longer-duration energy storage
In December, ESS shared its new white paper on the rapidly emerging market for flexible longer-duration energy storage. The response has been overwhelming and the consistent feedback was that we delivered something really valuable to the market.

The document is based on a recent combination of online questionnaires and in-depth discussions with energy storage procurement decision makers including project developers, utility representatives, and consultants. This white paper captures the growing need for longer duration energy storage and the flexible integration of energy and power applications into a single storage asset.

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