California’s Energy Storage Opportunity

Long-Duration Energy Storage is the Solution to California’s Power Outages and High Energy Costs


Once again, we are witnessing a summer where extreme weather is having a cataclysmic impact on California. Deadly wildfires, increasingly frequent power outages, and rising energy costs are straining our state’s ability to provide safe, reliable, and affordable power to all our residents.

What is this solution? It’s long-duration energy storage (LDES).

In California alone, we waste 1.5 terawatt hours of power annually due to solar curtailment – enough energy to power over 218,000 homes for an entire year.

Imagine if we could capture this wasted solar energy and store it for when we need it the most – like hot summer days. Storing clean energy will reduce power outages and energy costs because we will be able to generate and capture clean energy when it is the cheapest to produce. LDES will allow us to do this.

California’s most recent budget has committed $140 million to LDES technologies. But it’s far from enough to meet the moment. Additional investment in long-duration battery storage will more than pay for itself because it creates lower-cost energy for consumers and a more reliable energy grid. And, new federal money and incentives along with private investment will bring a healthy return on investment for the state’s commitment to provide clean, sustainable energy that powers people, communities and businesses anytime and anywhere it’s needed.

Stability in the age of fire and ice white paper image
The latest ESS white paper, Grid Stability in the Age of Fire and Ice: How Environmentally Sustainable, Long-Duration Energy Storage is Starting to Firm a Shaky Grid, explains why our long-duration iron flow battery that uses safe, earth-abundant and recyclable materials is best positioned to drive market growth in renewables, stablize the grid and address climate change in the years ahead.

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