California’s energy storage opportunity

California can increase reliability and control energy price spikes with deployment of long-duration energy storage


In California alone, it is estimated that 1.5 terawatt hours of power every year is wasted due to solar curtailment – enough energy to power over 218,000 homes for an entire year. This means that even though the sun is shining, our solar facilities must be shut down because there is nowhere for the clean energy to go.

Governor Newsom recently allocated $388 million in his current budget to provide seed money for new long-duration energy storage technologies. This is a great commitment, but it is only a start, especially as it is estimated that we will need 45-55 gigawatts of long-duration capacity by 2045 to meet the state’s commitment to 100% clean energy. As California is looking at a $95 billion surplus, now is the time to make a down payment on our clean energy future by investing in the missing ingredient – safe, sustainable long-duration energy storage.

Stability in the age of fire and ice white paper image

The latest ESS white paper, Grid Stability in the Age of Fire and Ice: How Environmentally Sustainable, Long-Duration Energy Storage is Starting to Firm a Shaky Grid, explains why our long-duration iron flow battery that uses safe, earth-abundant and recyclable materials is best positioned to drive market growth in renewables, stablize the grid and address climate change in the years ahead.

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