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September 2022 Newsletter

Company Updates

| september 2022 newsletter

ESS releases new issue brief in partnership with Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES)

ESS, in partnership with Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions and the U.S. Energy Association, released an issue brief detailing the critical need for long-duration energy storage (LDES) to create an efficient, low-carbon energy system and avoid the curtailment of renewable energy resources. The brief, which analyzes curtailment data from grid operators nationwide, illustrating the mismatch between renewable energy supply and grid demand and demonstrating the need for long-duration energy storage to decarbonize the energy system.

In The News

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Accelerating Decarbonization, ESS Inc. and SMUD Announce Agreement to Deploy up to 200 MW / 2 GWh of Long-Duration Energy Storage Solutionst Pennsylvania Microgrid

The agreement calls for ESS to deliver a mix of its Energy Warehouse™ and Energy Center™ long-duration energy storage (LDES) solutions for integration with the SMUD electric grid beginning in 2023. SMUD will deploy the LDES systems in support of its 2030 Zero Carbon Plan which aims to reduce thermal generation, maximize local solar generation, provide neighborhood resiliency, and increase social justice and equity. LDES is a key component in SMUD’s decarbonization plan, without compromising reliability or low electricity rates.

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When America Leads: Competing for the Future of Clean Energy

ESS CEO, Eric Dresselhuys joined Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm and others on a panel that discussed the benefits of recent legislation and the opportunities for American clean tech companies to lead the global clean energy transition.

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ESS Celebrates National Clean Energy Week in Washington D.C.

This week, members of the ESS team joined leading policymakers and clean energy leaders in Washington D.C. to celebrate National Clean Energy Week. Eric Dresselhuys shared ESS’ perspective on energy storage and the role that LDES will play in a decarbonized energy system. Read Eric’s recap of the week on the blog.

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Enabling 24/7 Clean Energy | By Hugh McDermott, SVP Sales and Business Development

Long-duration energy storage (LDES) will play a critical role in the decarbonized economy as society increasingly relies upon intermittent wind and solar energy generation to provide reliable energy around the clock. Growing recognition of this is driving demand for new LDES technologies like ESS iron flow batteries. By providing up to 12 hours of energy storage on a single charge, these technologies make it possible for renewable energy to provide baseload power while also enhancing grid resilience and reliability.

Upcoming Events

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Oct 26-27, Melbourne

ESS will be exhibiting in stand NN101 at All-Energy Australia, the country’s largest and most anticipated clean energy event.

ESS CEO Eric Dresselhuys will be speaking during the session: Energy Storage: Novel Technologies fueling grid scale energy storage, Thursday, 27th October 1:00pm – 2:20pm.

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