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June 2022 Newsletter

Company Updates

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California can increase reliability and control energy price spikes with long-duration energy storage

There is a huge opportunity to capture and use wasted solar energy in California. In 2021, the state curtailed approximately 1.5 terawatt hours of clean energy – enough energy to power over 218,000 homes for a year. And this trend is accelerating as solar generation grows. In the first four months of 2022, California effectively wasted 1.38 terawatt hours of renewable energy because it had nowhere to go at the time it could have been generated.

The path to energy security is green cover image

Wood Mackenzie Solar & Energy Storage in review

On June 9, our Director of EMEA, Alan Greenshields, took part in a fireside chat at the Wood Mackenzie Solar & Energy Storage Summit in San Diego. He and host Dan Shreve discussed the challenges and opportunities of long-duration energy storage and the fundamentals of iron flow technology. Thanks for a great show Wood Mackenzie and to all who attended!

In the News

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As peak wildfire season nears, new microgrid in Campo promises some relief from power outages for locals

Using a combination of solar and battery storage, the Cameron Corners microgrid is connected to 11 sites in the community to provide a continuous source of electricity whenever a PSPS event is called.

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7 Green Tech Startups With the Innovations – and the Funding – to Help Save the Planet

Energy storage is the key to unlocking Earth’s vast wind and solar energy resources, but limitations associated with lithium-ion batteries, the technology of choice to date, are driving demand for alternatives. While Li-ion batteries can be a good option for relatively short-duration storage applications, innovative new offerings, such as the utility-scale iron flow batteries produced by the energy storage firm ESS, provide more environmentally sustainable solutions that are able to store and deploy clean energy over longer durations built on a streamlined, plug-and-play platform.

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GreenTech Talks interviews CEO, Eric Dresselhuys

Eric shares insights, lessons and advice from his pioneering journey in the smart grid and greater clean energy industries. We also get a glimpse into the role long-duration energy storage can play in accelerating the clean energy transition.

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Iron flow battery maker ESS Inc. expands into Europe

NYSE-listed iron flow battery specialist ESS is expanding into Europe to meet demand for long-duration energy storage. It has already bagged its first order in Spain, with local manufacturing in the cards.

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Flow Batteries Could Be a Big Part of Our Energy Storage Future

Flow batteries have the potential to be an important part of the energy transition because they can provide electricity storage that runs for much longer than the typical four hours of the dominant technology, lithium-ion batteries.

Upcoming Events

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June 28-30, Charlotte, NC

ESS is excited to host the EPRI Electrification 2022 International Conference & Exposition. Join us for this in‑person event — featuring immersive pre‑conference workshops, compelling and insightful agenda sessions, a comprehensive exposition and multiple networking functions. We look forward to accelerating progress toward a low-carbon power sector and net-zero economy with targeted, equitable electrification solutions.

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Sep 19-22, Anaheim CA

ESS will be exhibiting at RE+ in booth #652. Be sure to stop by our booth!

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