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Long-Duration Energy Storage

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The Future is Long (Duration Energy Storage)

Ready or not, the watershed moment for long-duration energy storage has arrived. Over the next 30 years, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) anticipates a three-fold increase in global renewable electricity generation.

A recent report from Guidehouse predicts that by 2030, more than 30 GWh of long-duration storage – representing nearly 40% of the total amount of storage deployed that year – will be installed in the global market. That’s a ten-fold increase compared to today.

The market has seemingly hit an inflection point in realizing the need for energy storage with durations of eight hours or more.

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In the news

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ESS Inc. to Deliver Long-Duration Battery System for Microgrid in the Patagonia area of Chile

ESS has contracted with Chilean utility, Edelaysen, a GRUPO SAESA company, to provide a clean, safe and sustainable flow battery system to support the use of renewable energy.

By deploying ESS Inc.’s 300 kW/2 MWh Energy Warehouse™, integrated with renewable resources in a microgrid system, Edelaysen will save approximately $3 million in diesel fuel and maintenance over the system’s 25-year life. In addition, the equivalent of 12 years of diesel emissions (8.8 GWh) will be avoided.

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Flow battery manufacturer ESS goes public via SPAC acquisition

In an interview, with Utility Dive contributor Jason Plautz, ESS CEO Eric Dresselhuys said the SPAC process reflected the urgency the company felt in the expected demand for long-duration storage, especially given the Biden administration’s commitment to boosting renewable energy.

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The benefits of flow batteries over Lithium-ion

Eric Dresselhuys, ESS CEO, explains the benefits of flow batteries over Lithium-ion as a guest on The POWER Podcast.

“People have been really interested in flow batteries for a lot of reasons, but the most common one that you’ll hear about is the long duration,” said Dresselhuys.

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Wilsonville’s ESS says long-duration battery is ready to help clean up the grid

Pete Danko of the Portland Business Journal interviewed ESS President Craig Evans about the company’s journey developing our flow battery, from starting in a garage with two people to a fully automated production line with over 150 employees. Craig shares insights into the energy storage industry and opportunities for the company to help utilities and other grid operators understand the value and benefits of long-duration storage.

Upcoming events

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Grid Forward: Building the Decarbonized Grid Virtual Summit

ESS Senior VP of Business Development, Hugh McDermott, will present on the role long-duration storage has in ensuring that decarbonized energy systems in the wider region run effectively. The session, slated for June 9 at 10am PST, will explore a cross-section of the critical capabilities that need deeper investment now, and over the coming years. ESS Inc. is also a sponsor.