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Environmentally Sustainable
Long-Duration Energy Storage

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Made in America: Catalyzing the Clean Energy Future with American Innovation and Manufacturing

As the world transitions to wind and solar power, there is growing awareness that energy storage will be necessary to ensure a reliable, resilient energy system. The ability to leverage diverse supply chains is a significant advantage of IFB technology. The U.S. Department of Energy agrees. In its recent report on key strategies to secure America’s energy supply chain, DOE anticipates significant growth in technologies that do not require scarce minerals, such as flow batteries.

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Decarbonisation of electric grids reliant on renewables requires long-duration energy storage

Storage is not needed just as a way of time-shifting energy from renewables. It is also needed to keep grids stable, and to keep energy near where it will be used, to avoid grid congestion or reliance on long-distance transmission. Alternatives, including flow batteries, compressed air and others that can meet all these goals, may grow very quickly.
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Opinion: It won’t be long before California can produce all renewable energy, store it, and use it 24/7

Enough stored renewable energy would reduce or eliminate the need for peak fossil fuel plants or, even worse, rotating power outages.

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Energy Storage Represents Latest Investment Opportunity in the Clean Energy Transition

Energy storage, a critical component of the clean energy future, is gaining notice by utilities, large-scale energy users and investors. Today, as the world reels from energy shocks stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and grapples with the ongoing consequences of global warming, investors seeking opportunities in the clean energy space are moving towards the massive opportunity presented by energy storage.

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Interview with Eric Dresselhuys, CEO

Eric joins The Big Biz Show once again to talk about the various applications of the ESS’ long-duration energy storage systems solutions.


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Sep 19-22, Anaheim CA

ESS will be exhibiting at RE+ in booth #652. Be sure to stop by our booth!

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Sep 26-29, Virtual

ESS is proud to participate in National Clean Energy Week, an event that celebrates clean energy policies, industries, and innovations that power our daily lives while producing low to no greenhouse gas emissions. More details to come.