February 2021 Newsletter

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Environmentally Sustainable
Long-Duration Energy Storage

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Accelerating clean, safe, and low-cost energy storage

2020 was a hard year for everyone on the planet, and many operations, including ours, spent time shuttered and operating at significantly reduced manufacturing capacity. We spent 2020 further refining our technology platform, investing in the expansion and automation of our plant to support 2 GWh of battery module production for our Energy Warehouse™ and Energy Center™ solutions.

Additionally, we have made improvements to our electrolyte management system that allows us to greatly increase the energy density of our batteries. This breakthrough enables us to dramatically reduce the cost of the iron-flow battery for long-duration applications behind and in front of the meter.

In 2020, we were selected for many exciting projects that address our customers’ growing needs for long-duration energy storage solutions that are cost-effective, clean and sustainable, with the smallest environmental impact.

We are hiring, our factory is ramping back to full capacity, we are shipping products again, and are ready to further scale to meet the demands of the rapidly growing long-duration energy storage market.

The ESS Inc. battery has the lowest environmental impact and the lowest LCOS

Download our summary of the Life-Cycle Analysis Study

In an independent assessment conducted at the University of California-Irvine, scientists evaluated the cradle-to-gate environmental impact of three different flow battery types. Iron-flow batteries proved to be the cleanest technology compared to batteries using vanadium and zinc. They’re also significantly less harmful to the environment over their entire life cycle compared to lithium-ion batteries.

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ESS Inc. contributes to groundbreaking energy storage study

CA needs 45+ GW of long-duration storage to meet climate targets

ESS was part of a select group of CESA members to contribute to the ground-breaking Long-Duration Energy Storage for California’s Clean, Reliable Grid study demonstrating that “flow batteries have been tested to show little to no degradation over their long lifetime – up to 25 years,” and “can operate at high temperature with high round trip efficiency.” The report also highlighted that significant procurement activities for long-duration storage need to happen before 2025 to ensure that California has a sufficient pipeline of long-duration storage projects to meet future grid needs.

Upcoming Events

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Long-Duration Energy Storage Virtual Summit

Hosted by Smart Grid Observer, the Long-Duration Energy Storage Virtual Summit will examine the most promising technologies for enabling this service on the grid. ESS Inc. is slated to present. Click here to register. 

In the News

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ESS Inc. Names to Global CleanTech 100 List

Third time in five years to receive this honor

We are excited to announce that ESS Inc. has been recognized as a Global Cleantech 100 company for our long-duration iron flow battery solution! The Global Cleantech 100 highlights 100 of the leading private companies in cleantech innovation that are likely to make a significant impact in the next 5-10 years.