December 2021 Newsletter

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Long-Duration Energy Storage

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After a Momentous Year, Gratitude and Renewed Focus

As 2021 comes to a close, we at ESS have much to be grateful for and to celebrate. To be sure, many faced continued hardship this year in ways that extended well beyond the pandemic; in the energy world, extreme weather, wildfires and power outages again disrupted day-to-day life in many communities. But 2021 also brought unprecedented global momentum toward alleviating such events, as well as tremendous progress in ESS’ own ability to help build a sustainable energy future for all.

Company Updates…

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Oregon Leadership Summit Spotlights ESS as In-State Manufacturing Success Story

Held at the Oregon Convention Center on Dec. 6, the annual Summit featured a video interview of ESS co-founders Craig Evans and Julia Song discussing the company’s evolution into a leading global provider of innovative energy storage technology. The event also featured in-person remarks from Sen. Ron Wyden, Sen. Jeff Merkley, and Gov. Kate Brown.

In The News …

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Long-duration energy storage should scale up 400x by 2040, BP, Siemens and ESS-backed group says

Executives from 25 energy and technology companies launched the LDES Council during the United Nations climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland, earlier this month. The group aims to educate companies, governments and utilities on long-duration energy storage technologies and encourage policies to support mass deployment of long-duration storage, generally defined as energy storage systems lasting at least four hours. The technology, backers say, will be crucial to a decarbonized grid in order to store and dispatch energy at times when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing.

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Reinventing the Battery Can Save Us From Climate Disaster

Batteries make our world run. They’re in your remote control, your phone, your laptop, and your car. If we’re going to win the fight against climate change, we’ll need them to power our homes, too.

Solar panels don’t produce much power when it’s cloudy, and they don’t produce any power at night. Wind turbines don’t produce energy when the wind isn’t blowing. We have other sources of renewable energy that don’t have such limitations, such as hydroelectric power, but solar and wind will undoubtedly dominate the future of energy. We’ll need to deal with what is often called the “intermittency” problem to end our reliance on fossil fuels.

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US infrastructure bill: What the energy storage industry thinks about the historic, bipartisan legislation

The passing of the infrastructure deal was welcome news to many in the energy storage industry, ESS Inc included. Our CEO, Eric Dresselhuys, weighs in with his thoughts on what it means. 

Upcoming events

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Jan 13-15, Long Beach

Stop by and see us in our booth, #1122!

As the first major solar + storage event of the year in North America, #isnaesna22 highlights energy technologies and companies striving to create positive impact on climate change and support our planet’s transition into a more sustainable energy future. We will be speaking on the panel: The Long and Short of It: Energy Storage for Days on Jan 13th from 2:30-3:30.

Register using this link for 20% off a conference pass and free expo hall access.

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Feb 23-24, London
Energy Storage Summit

ESS is proud to sponsor the 7th Edition of the Energy Storage Summit. We will be speaking on The Future of Long-Duration panel 13:50 – 14:30 GMT on Feb 23. In addition, the company will be presenting a case study and participating in an additional speaking presentation.