2018 Fall Newsletter

Meet the ESS Inc. team at ESNA 2018!

Energy Storage North America (ESNA) is the largest conference and expo for grid-connected energy storage in North America.Come visit us at booth #1311, during ESNA, Nov 6-8, 2018 in Pasadena, if you’re looking to:

  • integrate more renewables
  • make your grid more flexible and resilient
  • learn about a cleaner, more affordable energy storage solution to reduce your reliance on generators in remote locations

With our field-proven Energy Warehouse™, and our Energy Center – utility scale solutions that are designed/engineered and built to suit utility-scale applications, we can lower your energy storage project cost while reducing environmental impact.

To schedule an appointment and have a closer look at our energy storage systems, please contact me or click on the link below.

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ESS Inc. adds Tim Neville as new VP of Operations

Tim has come on board to expand our highly efficient, quality-focused production as well as support accelerated utility-scale deployments around the world. He comes to ESS Inc. with more than 25 years of industrial/manufacturing engineering and operations management experience.

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In the news…

Understanding Low-Cost, Long-Duration Energy Storage Technology: A Primer

As applications for energy storage have expanded with systems on both sides of the meter, there is growing interest in technology that can provide the best of both worlds: the long-duration, long-life benefits of pumped hydro — at a levelized cost of storage (LCOS) at or below that of li-ion batteries. That technology is here today.

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In memory of Craig Wooster

Stone Edge Farm’s Microgrid Engineer and CEO of Wooster Energy Engineering, Craig Wooster, sadly passed away in October. An innovative, talented and generous individual, Craig dedicated most of his adult life to building energy systems that create a more sustainable world. His greatest technical achievement is the Stone Edge Farm microgrid (including an ESS Inc. battery system), which he helped conceptualize, build and operate. During the October 2017 Sonoma County wildfires, the microgrid became a “living laboratory” when the farm was evacuated, operating for ten days in island mode in the midst of a widespread power outage. With an unmatched passion for his work, Craig was a source of inspiration, technical acumen, integrity, and strength for all of those he touched.